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The Navarro Family

Our Founder

The Navarro Family has been a strong part of the Smithville community for five generations. Our Company was started over fifty years ago with Joe Navarro Jr. being a large part of this operation.
We started out building KOA facilities nationwide and have been building a vast variety of projects ever since. These have included bed and breakfasts, hotels, retreats, hunting ranches and a diocese as well as cabins and homes for families all over Texas. Our clients have included the King Ranch, Bill Carter of Carter Country Guns,David Anderson and family,Ray Yates and family, Monty & Nettie Kalogeras, Safari Shooting School, and many others.

Joe and Abbie Navarro A Family-Owned Business

Family Owned and Family Operated

Joe & Abbie Navarro incorporated Rustic Cedar Cabins of Texas, Inc. in 2002. We have devoted our time to growing this company into what it has become today. Every aspect of this company has been improved to offer a quality product for our Texas customers. We promise customer service and quality product to all of our customers. We took this company over in hopes to build a strong company that would service our community, our state and that would bring pride to our father and to our families. So far we believe we have succeeded in all that we have set out to do. We have goals to continue growing so that we may service more jobs for our community at decent wages and offer a great product for all of our Texas customers who want a quality product for a reasonable price. We believe “Custom Built Cabins With Texas Pride” says it all. Although we spend most hours building projects all over Texas we have also devoted our lives to raising six beautiful children in Smithville, Texas.

The Navarro Family

Our Family - Our children are now grown and in the beginning stages of learning about life on their own.  We have been blessed over the past few years with a new generation of grandchildren which is without a doubt the most precious part of our lives.  We are truly blessed and very thankful for our family. 

The Navarro Family WorkingJoe Navarro Jr. had been building cabins out of Smithville, Texas for over 50 years. We were proud to be able to take over the company before his passing in 2009. As his son, Joe  had worked by his fathers side over the years since he was a young teen and still in Smithville JH. In the afternoons after school Joe Navarro III swept floors in the shop. Through high school he spent many days driving materials to the jobs all over Texas and surrounding areas when he was able to leave school or his football and baseball program for the Smithville Tigers. He moved up to the cut man and worked on the jobsites most summers and after school. He traveled all over with his dad delivering materials and taking care of customers. After he graduated from Smithville high school Joe III tried different jobs in the oil field all over Texas and Colorado which of course he excelled at and he did his best to provide for his new family. It wasn’t long that he found himself back at the company he knew so well at his dad’s side. Joe has worked long and hard to accomplish ownership of this company, to make his dad proud and to offer his family the wonderful life they have today.

Generations working together Shown here is John Frank with his Grandpa Navarro working hard to run lining for the interior walls of one of the cabins being built. John Frank had worked for this company since graduating from Smithville High School and was a crew leader on the job sites as well as at the shop when needed. John Frank and his Grandpa, Joe Jr. were side by side for many years. Joe Jr. has given many of his grandchildren the opportunity to learn the old style construction ways that have possibly been lost along the way. The Navarro family has kept many of these lessons going strong with new lessons added for quality workmanship. We work hard and throw in our determination and love for this job into every project. Our grandfather has made us proud to be a part of this company.

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