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Log Cabin Construction

Rustic Cedar Cabins of Texas is a full service log cabin builder. Every phase of construction - from laying the foundation to final finishing is performed by our own crews assuring maximum quality and accountability.
Building a cabin with native Texas Red Heart Cedar has many advantages. This native tree is abundant and withstands the Texas heat without splitting. A cabin or kit built from logs imported from non-native forests is in danger of splitting and extreme checking. The natural oils in Texas Cedar repel insects and termites. Native Cedar dries and cures very quickly adding to structural stability. The only maintenance required on the exterior is a light exterior stain every four years. All of our homes are built in the Texas pioneer tradition. All the logs for rafters, interior & exterior walls, trimwork and trusses are hand-peeled and cut in our Smithville, Texas mill. We adhere to a "hand-crafted" tradition.
The roofing on the cabins is 26 gage Galvalume metal on 1x4 slat to screw metal with a Tyvek wrap barrier and Styrofoam insulation. All this is built on top of 1x6 pine decking visible on the interior of the cabin along with the hand peeled hand cut cedar log trusses.
On pier and beam foundations the electrical and pluming is run under the floor deck with access for maintenance and repair. The cabins can also be built on a slab foundation with a standard electrical and plumbing set up.

Tilt Wall video Rustic Cedar Cabins of Texas

We offer four distinct styles of construction:

    Tilt Wall - 4" hand peeled cedar slabs running vertically with one layer of Tyvek wrap for barrier on a 2x 4 structure. Interior wall includes: 1 " Styrofoam insulation, Plastic wrap sealer, " OSB board with 3/8" Cedar lining. The gable ends are Cedar slabs, on the exterior and 3/8" cedar lining (aromatic) on the inside. The exterior walls allow for eight foot tall interior walls are lined with cedar boards.This is the most cost effective build we do, since most of the structural elements are fabricated at our shop and then assembled on site.

Stacked D Log Video     Cedar Loft - This cabin features 10 foot high walls and a roof with a 10/12 pitch providing a roomy finished loft with 2 foot pony walls. The wall structure consists of 5" hand peeled cedar slabs running horizontally with one layer Tyvek wrap on a 2 x 4 structure. The insulation is R13 batting with a plastic moisture barrier wrap. The interior walls are " OSB board with 3/8" cedar lining. The gable ends are cedar slabs on the exterior and 3/8" cedar lining (aromatic) on the inside of cabin.

Watch the video     Mortar Chink - the exterior walls are 2x4 stud framing with " black fiber board, one layer of 30 lb. felt, wire mesh and 4" cedar slabs running horizontally with a 2 gap, filled with mortar chinking on the exterior. The interior walls have 4" batt insulation, " OSB board and a 3/8" finished cedar. Exterior walls will allow for 8 foot high interior walls.

    Stacked D Log - Traditional log cabin construction using stacked logs for the walls. The logs are planed smooth on three sides and splined together with a weather lock spline of 1 "x 3/8 "CDX exterior grade plywood sealed with Geo cell pliable weatherproofing. Steel reinforced 10" log home spikes set into predrilled holes at 36" centers. Clear sealant is used with a light stain.The corners are mortice-and-tenon providing structural integrity and weatherproofing at the wall intersections.

Watch the video This construction style is very sturdy and thermally efficient. The exchange of cool/warm temperatures through solid log walls slows down dramatically because of the airlock cellular composition in the cedar wood fiber creating a thermal mass.

All of the log cabins we build for our customers are built to last for generations to come. We build a completete turnkey cabin fully equipped with modern plumbing, electrical and appliances.We use double-paned thermal glass windows, solid exterior doors, fully insulated roof systems and walls for greater energy savings than most conventional homes. You would pay considerably more for a conventional home with the same custom-built features, energy-efficient standards and distinctive log home designs of our Rustic Cedar Cabins.

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